A Short Cut In Disguise!!!???

I just finished my chat on the Doug.Show.

I can personally confirm that he is as astute and knowledgeable as he seems on YouTube and in his podcast.

I can personally confirm that I’m seriously thinking about spending the $500 for his course because he is the epitome of someone who does not waste time. I’m guessing his intro course would have saved me 2-3 months worth of work. No joke. 2-3 months of 25 hours per week.

The Math

So if Doug’s course could save me, conservatively, 2 months of work, that would be an average of 25 hours per week times 8, which is 200 hours. Imagine that instead of wrestling through all this on my own, I opted to work for those 200 hours at $20/hour. I would have made $4000 with those 200 hours I could have spent working? Oh God, that can’t be right.

Or another way of seeing it is that my time was worth about $2.50/hour for the past two months?!?! That Buhlows.

This seems like a no brainer, investment wise. I guess I didn’t do it because I didn’t even know who to trust at that point.

So if you’re brand new, not just new new, like me, calculate your best guess on the return on investment for Doug’s beginner course. If you’re in doubt about the quality of his materials, sign up for anything he sends for free, (and then promptly don’t read it because it looks like it will take too much time to read). Another “time-saving” judgement call of questionable quality.

I remember reading about Martha Stewart and her strengths and weaknesses as a business woman. Apparently, she was flatly told this advice by her exasperated PR Agency: “If you feel compelled to say something to the press because you know in your heart it will smooth things over, DON’T say that thing. Instead say the exact opposite. Your instincts are that off”.

I’m sobered by Doug’s capacity to see work as work. He enjoys his work, but he’d rather not be in front of the computer, so he does it as efficiently as he can. That’s a whole different concept for me. He’s not wasting time messing around because he’d rather be doing something else like guitar.

However, KNOWING what you should do with your work time is beyond your (I mean my) current skill set.

And again, I think this is the real challenge as a new website builder who wants to make money…

I’m never crystal clear on what the next best steps are for the straightest & fastest path between me and the monthly cash I’m chasing.

And the abundance of information actually slows this process down. It’s hard to cut through the noise if you don’t know what the noise is.

Bottom line, I think I maybe possibly have discovered a short cut in disguise in Doug’s courses?

My husband is ready to pay me to pay Doug to take his course because he sees how convoluted and trying the path has been for me so far. But I grew up poor so I can be, let’s say, “frugal”. And I always think I can figure it out myself, especially when I’m ignorant (said with love).

But, I did just blow $400 on ahrefs, about $600 on domains that will likely never earn their keep, about four or five rounds of subscriptions to $5-30/month on softwares and plug-ins that I thought would be helpful but they weren’t.

Maybe I could ask to pay him $100/month so it stings less. I might should probably do that.

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