BEWARE of These Time Vampires

Building a Content Site is a minefield of endless rabbit holes

Here are the rabbit holes that I’ve wasted the most time on with my new content sites:

  • Chrome Developer tools:
    • I’m not a developer but I tend to gravitate towards hard problems where I am both ignorant and over-confident.
    • I suspect that a lot of us “entrepreneurial” types are like this. I like new problems that seem like I might maybe be able to figure out how to fix them.
    • What I fail to ask myself is, “Is this worth your time?”
    • My drive to learn something hard and new is something I like about myself, but it is a bulldozer.
    • Developing is one of these hard and unreachable but exciting things for me.
    • Every time I see that javascript or CSS are slowing things down via my Google Site Kit plugin, II roll up my sleeves and read the same Chrome Dev Tools page that I’ve read at least 15 times and still don’t understand.
    • I have not been able to figure out how to even OPEN the correct window to run the check that they suggest in the Google Site Kit recommendations.
    • I’m nervous to say that I think I will need to hire someone to tidy the code up for me.
      • And again, back to my zest for problems that are too hard for me, I might actually just hire someone to SHOW me how to diagnose and correct these Javascript and CSS problems that occur with themes and plug-ins. Either that or I’ll buckle down and become a full stack developer in the next 10 days.

Chrome Developer Tools Potential Time Waste As A Content Site Creator Who Knows No Code: <4 hours/week. Every week.

Bottom Line: If you aren’t a programmer, ignore these until you have the time to hire someone who can teach you how to remediate them, or remediate them for you.

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