Mental Fatigue From Creating Content Sites

Why Is It Hard To Just Make These Websites?

I know all jobs make you feel this way sometimes.

But as a seasoned complainer, not having someone to complain to is problematic.

I am literally all over the place today. I was on point in a big way yesterday. I made a plan in my calendar which aligned with my weekly goals which I will report on to my boss I hired at Upwork.

And I pretty much stuck with it!

Today, I slept in until 7 (I’m 51 don’t feel bad, you’ll be an earlier riser then too). That was good because I felt refreshed.

I did NOT walk my dog on the beach immediately because since it worked so well yesterday, I of course needed to just add a wrinkle and do it differently today.

I jumped directly into research for an article using YouTube while I had my coffee to make up for the 2 hours of sleeping in time.

Then I cracked open my computer and found that my 3000 word article I’d written on RankIQ yesterday was gone. Lovely customer service and apology, of course, but yes it’s totally GONE.

This is a small defeat for a long time blogger but since I’ve written so few articles and was loading this one up with personality and research, it threw me off.

From there, I spiraled into some nonsense tasks that might actually be useful: bought a webcam on amazon, did some more research for the empty blog, found a couple of YouTubers who are producing content in what I’m now realizing might be a non-existent niche. Went over my calendar.

Then I decided to brush my teeth and put a bra on and go up on my walking treadmill desk which gives me energy.

Then I went onto a website from a podcast that I’d hear yesterday, called SkipBlast. Fantastic resource. Fun to read.

Then I decided my name for my main site (not this one) sucked and that I should probably use one of the other domains I purchased in the niche.

Then I decided that while I was at it, I should probably just start that site new of Cloudways because I’ve heard of it several times and because I believe SkipBlast.

Investigated Cloudways and realized I’d found another rabbit hole to appreciate.

Investigated LowFruit because I cancelled ahrefs and SkipBlast suggests LowFruit. This item actually was on my weekly to do.

Used the free test with LowFruit and found there are near zero searches for my thang.

Felt sweaty from walking on my treadmill, said no to sending one of my sons more money and still haven’t walked the dog and I’m hungry and it’s 1:35 and I made plans with a friend for 3pm which I now regret because I haven’t gotten anything done.

But it is beautiful outside so at least there is that glaring contrast between how I should feel and how I do feel.

All right I’m done. I love journaling.

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