October 12 Meeting With Hired Boss

List From 10/5/22

New List for 10/12/22

To Add

set up fallchicken on cloudways

consolidate all domain names and point DNSs to cloudways for older adults/fallchicken

Spend 10 minutes two times during the week tidying up folders

Spend 1 hour every day on links in sites

spend 1 hour every day on images in sites (no more than one hour per day)

load HCB with links & affiliate links

solidify understanding of putting affiliate ads on-watch video

make sure siteground security plans I purchased are cancelled

get hcb set up on adwords

look into shorts with youtube content planner

research chou’s FBA to see if there’s a hole I could fill (furniture) (30 minutes max)

solidify understanding of “ranking keywords”-ranking tool that are on my site

solidify understanding of tags and metatags etc-possible use of yoast

spend 1 hour per day KW

spend 2 hour per day writing posts

Alaska boots

national park numbers in KW research

Things I Did NOT on the List week of 10/5-12

Wrote 5 quick posts

Consolidated categories after learning from SkipBlast that it was a good thing

Learned how to put affiliate ads on, kind of

carefully considered doing Doug’s class

loaded up hcb with some aff links

signed up for aff relationships with a few

wrote a great article that got lost totally (learned what not to do)

got a bit more understanding of rpms, visits, clicks, impressions, thanks to Doug Cunnington

carefully considered my intentions

became more comfortable with a lot of balls in the air as a valid business model

cancelled money-losing subscriptions with spamzilla, ahrefs, jasper

learned about setting up redirects/aliases in cloudways

learned about cloudways and set up testing account-still more to learn

learned more about captivate

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