Helpful Content Bites

Little nibbles and dribbles to help me, and you, not feel alone in our ambitions to create content sites that make money.

It’s about 14,000 times harder to whip up a content site than I expected. I’m in awe of the amount of stuff I know I should do yet struggle to get myself to do. It’s lonely, too! Thank God for podcasts.

I’m a 20 year travel and apparel industry veteran, and I’ve primarily stayed home with my three children for about 21 years. I’m married to a red-headed physicist who is hilarious and noisy, his name is Phil but he likes to tell baristas that it is spelled with a Y, like chlorophyll.

My three kids are Maeve, 21 years old and studying to become a midwife in New Mexico. She’s a sweet & smart ball of hilarious, chatty, playful charisma. Finn, who is 18 years old, is a recording artist “Big Finny”-listen to him here…he’s brilliant-always has been, and he lives in Los Angeles. And Tyrone is the youngest at 16. He still lives with us, and he just happens to be the most gentle and beautiful creature ever created, except for when he shadow-boxes me in the kitchen.

I’m super jacked to be following my own creative lead now. I have a degree in Psychology and Art and work experience in the digital world dating from the late ’90s. I started my first business in 1995 and I learned what a “niche site” was in June of 2022.

I have a huge black Giant Schnauzer dog who is terrified of lighting and trash barrels that are on their sides, but still manages to scare the bejesus out of my poor neighbors. I live near the ocean and I love being outside and doing hard physical labor outside because it makes me cheerful.