Take A Walk

Pre-walk paragraph

Today is the day I was excited about yesterday!

Yesterday, my sails were full of clean, crisp fall wind because of all the content that was swimming around in my head for recording today!

Today, I feel like my soul is wearing a lead jacket. I can’t wake up. I spent 45 minutes doing my make up to record (it should take 10). I have a SHITTON to do. It’s fucking 11:43 already. But I can’t get the part of me that provides structure to my day to activate.

My brain needs oxygen. That’s got to be it. I should go for a walk. This is the advice part:

When you feel this way go for a walk outside STAT.

First, write a paragraph, like I just did, saying why you suck. Then walk. Then write another paragraph to see where things stand. I’ll be back in 40 mins on accounta I’m going for a walk.

Post-walk paragraph

I did it. I had clarity mostly because I listened to Brandon Gaille during the walk. If you are attempting this content-site-gig, YOU MUST LISTEN TO BRANDON. His relatively monotone voice totally does not do justice to the brilliant words he has for us.

I realized that I need to revisit the whole overarching structure of how to do this content site. Again. And I need to write down my goals and structure. I think spending one week doing nothing but all the boring structure details is actually a good idea.

I also had the brainstorm of hiring a boss on Upwork. Like I says, creativity is God’s channel. Or the channel of the Universal flow of energy. I’m beside myself with the genius of hiring a boss on Upwork. Let’s get bizzy with that, shall we?

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