What the F**k Am I Doing?

Will using cuss words impact my site’s Google rankings?

Good question.

Content is a Commodity

I am still having so much trouble prioritizing

I just watched a few of Doug’s earliest YouTube videos with Rob Atkinson and it was so helpful to see that my floundering is universal.

Literally, Rob Atkinson was having the EXACT same trouble and he describes it perfectly in these early videos.

But I missed the sign up for Doug Cunnington’s Multi Profit Site course on Friday. I missed it on purpose because I’m still cagey about having my process limited by the moderate and balanced project management skills of Doug.

Funny that I don’t want my process limited. So I’m basically choosing enjoying myself in the creativity OVER money. Stoopid Stoopid Stoopid.

Yes, not wise. But here I am.

I believe I need to brainstorm all of my ideas on an excel sheet. Put them all down.

Am I just avoiding creating content. Um, YES!

Now if I’m spending this much time avoiding creating content, then why would I make a choice to be a content creator?

I think the job I really want is something like “Eff Around On the Internet Thinking About Ways to Make Money”.

I’m just lost because honestly, I don’t know if the modest money associated with building content sites is worth my time?

After all, if it were such a cash cow, then why would masters like Doug still have to work so hard at marketing their courses?

Having people’s eyes on your words returns value in two ways: 1) advertisers pay money to have their attention and 2) if they respond in some way, you feel connected.

I pretty much consume helpful content without ever giving a DIME back into the system aside from my momentary attention to ads.

Content creation is inherently heavy effort and low reward. It kind of seems like a commodity.

We are kind of like the farmers of soybeans who used to get a good price for all our work and then the agricultural companies and gubmint (sic), started offering us all these resources to make growing shittons of soybeans easier which in turn made way too many soybeans and made them harder to sell because they had to be the cream of the crop to be the lucky vendor who is picked only to have their product bought for a lower price.

Seriously, how did I not see this before?

Content is a commodity.

Commodities are low profit unless you are selling something to the commodity creators OR marking the commodity up with some value add to repackage it to people who don’t know that it’s a commodity so are willing to pay higher prices., right?

Holy cow.

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